Now you can become part of this growing online platform by opening a boutique and selling clothes , accessories or even cakes and cookies through the BAZAARRIA Marketplace.


We are also inviting Halah food vendors , caterers and sellers to list your products on our platform .

This is a great opportunity for new fashion designers and up-and-coming brands to sell their fashion collections alongside established brands and independent brands. We can help you to get noticed and build a brand of your own.


Commission  of 15% + 5% payment charges (for retail items) and 20% + 5% (for Food items) of the listing price will be charge for every transactions.


If you want to start selling to a larger audience and increase your marketing efforts , come onboard .


Let us promote and bring more awareness to increase your sales by joining the BAZAARIA Marketplace ! Get started today!


Apply to become a Merchant


We welcome you to join us by providing us the information below and we will review your application.

Our Team respond within 3 working days by email and will provide a guide on how you can list your products on the platform . Some merchants may require assistance and we are here to assist you to be in business quickly .


Just let our team do the regular marketing, active promotions and driving the customer traffic to your shop .


Create Your List


When your application is accepted, the next step is creating your product list. This is fully editable and will enable you to list your own branded shop front within BAZAARRIA Marketplace.

If you face any difficulty , there’s an Account Manager on hand to help you.


Do link your BazaarRia storefront to your social media channels and multiply the out reach . Let’s engage and inspire our customers !